Our Vision

Blanket Fort Hope is a fortress of safety for child victims of human trafficking, forging a path of purpose and hope for our children.

Our Mission

Our mission is to love and care for child trafficking victims through housing, services, and long-term commitment, and to prevent children from becoming victims by educating children, and professionals who work with children, about human trafficking.

Our Values

The values of an organization form the bedrock on which the mission, vision, and everything else rest.

Blanket Fort Hope is committed to these values:

  • The mainstay of integrity, the hedge of accountability, and the foundation of Jesus Christ constitute the structure of this organization.
  • Children and people are a priority.
  • A respect for the communities we work alongside and serve is paramount.
    Responsible stewardship of donations and resources is fundamental.
  • BFH will strive to go above and beyond to spend a reasonable percentage of its annual budget on programs in pursuance of its mission.
  • BFH will strive to limit administrative expenses to an amount adequate to ensure effective accounting systems, internal controls, competent staff, and other expenditures critical to professional management.
  • We are committed to humility both when we succeed and when we fall short of our goals.
  • We are committed to excellence.