2021 Impact Report

On Mission Together in 2021
This year was one of success, fellowship, and growing in relationship. We have seen a lot of growth and experienced God’s miraculous grace, bringing us new partners as well as the land for our Restoration Home!

We purchased the 73 acres
for our children’s home!

By far, our most significant accomplishment of 2021 is the complete purchase of the 73 acres for the children’s home!

It finally happened! Our most significant accomplishment to date. Purchasing (and paying off our $350,000 loan!) this property puts us in a place where we can trust that God wants this mission to move forward. The 73 acres we now own in Shelby County, AL, will be the future resting place for eight child sex trafficking survivors. We see the mission. We are planning the home. We are scouting for the people God will use to care for these children. When God asks, we answer, “Here am I; send me.” (Isaiah 6:8).

We are committed to financial transparency and stewardship. We trusted God in his promise to protect our mission, prayerfully took a step to purchase this land, and saw it paid off five months ahead of schedule. Only our God can do something like that!


Total Amount Raised

We exceeded our fundraising goal for the 3rd year in a row!



Even in the rain, we still managed to have a dedicated group of runners show out!


Sponsors & Volunteers

It all would not be possible without a core group of supporters!


Torrential Downpour

We could not have predicted it, but God didn’t let it ruin our event!

Notable Achievements

Outreach and Advocacy

This year we were able to increase our total trained to over 6,500. But our reach extends to so much more than our official training. We were able to reach 65,000 more people in 2021 with our online messaging and advocacy. 65,000! When our mission gets out in the community, so does our message. And when people hear our message, they hear our hearts for these children. This all led to us being recognized in local publications across the state and led to dozens of new relationships bearing fruit for child survivors.

But sometimes, the best outreach isn’t measured by the big numbers but by the smaller ones. In 2021, we were able to help 20 children find placement in partner programs. This is our heart, and God is getting all the glory!

Building Relationships

Luncheon & Prayer Days

Relationships take time, commitment, and a place to ask questions, learn, and pray for God’s wisdom. Sometimes, people who want to give back need time to slow down and take in the way God is working in a world that moves fast.

That’s why we launched two important initiatives in 2021: Champion Luncheons and Prayer Days. These two intimate events allowed us to build relationships with church partners, businesses, and individuals in ways we might not have realized otherwise. By bringing people to the table (literally!) and praising God for all he’s done, we believe our Champions can better see how our mission works. When people buy into our why then we can truly join in mission together.

A New Event

Restoring Hope Gala

Get ready for our first annual Restoring Hope Gala. It will be a night of food, dancing, and fellowship on February 17th, 2022. We are full steam ahead into planning mode during this time of year. Contact us today if you’d like to sponsor or support this brand-new fundraising event for Blanket Fort Hope.

Growing Partnerships

On Mission Together

The generosity shown by partners like Grace Klein Community, Big Oak Ranch, The Church at Brook Hills, Hunter Street Baptist Church, Mills Pharmacy, Shelby Pediatric Dentistry, and so many more is what keeps our mission moving forward. They pour in by prayer, discipleship, and giving cheerfully with the resources God has given them. Their dedication and faithfulness are a witness to the greatness of our God! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Getting Noticed

Shelby County Nonprofit of the Year Nomination

We are so thankful to have been considered for The Shelby County Chamber’s 2021 Nonprofit of the Year! Since joining the Chamber this summer, we have been welcomed with open arms by the fine leadership this county has to offer. We are bringing more people to our mission than ever and building meaningful relationships to help us see this home built in 2023! There is so much more for us to achieve together.

Thank you, The Shelby County Chamber of Commerce!

Pouring Into The Next Generation

Junior Board Launch

We are a growing mission, and that means we MUST bring in the best upcoming talent! With the launch of our Junior Board this fall, we have seen a small, dedicated group of champions step up to the call. We are sure they will get our name out in the community, bring in new champions, and give you more ways to pour into our mission in tangible ways! We are so excited to see what they achieve in 2022!

If you would like to join or know someone that may be a good fit, have them fill out our online application. We would love to get to know them!

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