We believe all children are created equal and in the image of God. Every child deserves a safe place to lay their head, a safe place to experience childhood.  

It’s estimated that 57% of trafficking victims in Alabama are children. While the trafficking industry is a worldwide “business,” many people are surprised to hear that child sex trafficking occurs in all socioeconomic statuses right here in Alabama. 

The plan for our restoration home is to show that God leaves the 99 and goes after the 1 (Matthew 18:12). He loves all people equally and longs to see each and every one of us restored. 

Children who have been trafficked need specialized compassionate care and essential services in order to overcome the trauma that has been forced upon them. While we are faith-based, we do not require the children to share our faith. No child trafficking survivor will be denied services based on religion, race, or sexual orientation. We simply long to show them God’s love.