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The Groundwork is Being Laid!
The Groundwork is Being Laid!

We have some wonderful news we’d like to share everyone! This week we set the groundwork for future construction on our potential property by roughing out an access road, installing a front gate, and moving into the final stages of the survey We recognize these as small steps in the first of many over the … Continue reading The Groundwork is Being Laid!

Our Staff is Growing
Our Staff is Growing

After a tremendous year of financial growth in 2020, we realized that the time was right to grow our organization. We are so happy to announce our first full-time hire, Justin Adderholt. Justin will be filling our organization’s long-standing need for a Development Director. He brings 10 years of experience in marketing and advertising and … Continue reading Our Staff is Growing

[UPDATE] An offer is accepted on land in Shelby Co, Alabama!
[UPDATE] An offer is accepted on land in Shelby Co, Alabama!

Not a full month into 2021 and God is already doing great work! We are excited to announce we have made an offer on a beautiful 73 acre piece of property in Shelby County, Alabama! Partially developed with existing baseball fields that will continue to be leased to a nearby Christian school, and the rest … Continue reading An offer is accepted on land in Shelby Co, Alabama!

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Restoration & Hope for every child survivor.

We restore child sex trafficking survivors through access to essential services, compassionate care, and a loving Christian witness.

We are committed to


We believe an active faith in Jesus Christ is the key to seeing our mission fulfilled.


We conduct ourselves with zeal, compassion, and courage in overcoming risk with a solution driven focus.


We believe in adapting to fit the needs of our communities and our clients. We are open to shifting our focus in God-glorifying ways.


We believe in making decisions our clients, communities, and stakeholders would approve of and putting our motives & decisions on display.


We believe that God-given love towards our children, our partners, and our communities will inspire impactful change to restore survivors.


We will practice Godly stewardship with the resources we are given, where possible, abstaining from debt & excess.

5,700 is
too many.
9 is not

There are more than 10,000 victims of human trafficking in Alabama every year. Of those, an estimated 5,700 are children, the overwhelming majority of whom will not self identify. If these children are rescued, they may be placed into non-therapeutic care unequipped to respond to their trauma.

Our therapeutic Restoration Home will be a place of healing for 9 child survivors, equipped to compassionately respond to their unique trauma. In light of the larger number, this may seem like a small number.

But it is a start.

What does our restoration process look like?

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