Why Restoration is Necessary

The problem is larger than we think.

It’s estimated that 57% of trafficking victims in Alabama are children.

It is believed any statistics that exist, though, only represent a small amount of the total number of children who are trafficked each year. Our restoration home will help to solve this problem by housing 9 children at a time.

Trafficking Already
Happens In Alabama.

And there aren’t enough resources to respond.

No Dedicated Beds

Currently there are fewer than 600 beds in the country dedicated to sex trafficking survivors.

Unmet Needs

For the children who are rescued, they are often put into homes unequipped to meet their needs

Runaway Rate

All of this leads to a 80% rate of survivors returning to their life of victimization.

To date we have equipped over 7,500 individuals to identify and compassionately respond to child survivors.

We make our trainings available to any and every community.

We will meet these needs by providing a 9-bed Restoration Home that provides compassionate care for trafficked children.

And 9 beds is just the start.

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