2021 Community Report with Justin

Since joining Blanket Fort Hope in February, my sole mission has been to develop the infrastructure and relationships that will see our mission succeed. I am excited to say we have built new and meaningful relationships, created internal processes to prepare us for the future, and kept our mission front and center in the community.

The first step in this process was figuring out a way to communicate our vision and the in-depth details surrounding the foster care initiative, our training, the home, and what we had been doing for seven years. 

We reassessed our strategic mission statement and communications plan during the first half of this year. We did not change our mission; we simply looked at what we were already doing and simplified it to the basics. We see that Blanket Fort Hope is committed to three key ideas that people can wrap their heads around: providing essential services, training people to respond with compassion, and being a loving Christian witness to survivors and communities alike. Once we had this plan in place, we could take off into our cities and plant fertile seeds for development.

After that, we launched the brand new BlanketFortHope.org and implemented a new donor management system to help us maintain relationships.

Our website is our doorstep. It is how people engage with our mission when they find us online. After an assessment period, we determined to redesign and revamp the website to focus more on Champion acquisition and community education. As a result, we have given our community easier access to the tools they need to get educated, get engaged, and ultimately pour back into our mission in the ways that are meaningful for them. All while having the backend infrastructure necessary to ensure we stay in touch with the people who sacrifice their time and resources for us.

To complement these efforts, we hosted and attended various community events, shaking hands, making friends, bringing more Champions on board than any other year in our mission. As an organization, we hosted luncheons, held survivor testimony experiences online, invited more than 40 volunteers to participate in our Hold the Fort Races, and launched a new committee to plan our 1st annual Restoring Hope gala in February of 2022.

In addition, we have joined up with the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce to build meaningful relationships within the business community. In the five months since we have joined, we have joined with multiple municipalities and secured partners for our groundbreaking ceremony in 2022 – this is saying nothing about the tremendous amount of potential in-kind partnerships waiting for us down the road! 

People are starting to take notice. Progress is happening, and this home will be here before you know it!

2022 holds a tremendous amount of promise! Our churches, businesses, and individual champions are the fuel that keeps Blanket Fort Hope moving forward. Only when we join on mission together with such great partners will we see child survivors restored.

Justin Adderholt
Justin Adderholt

Blanket Fort Hope
Marketing & Development